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What is AGW really about, politically speaking. ?
Hi All,
Having read about the EU funding of AGW pseudo science in the Slaying the CO2 dragon book recently, AND the EU's considerable funding of protest groups like FoE (Europe) and WWF (Europe),
the motivation behind AGW suddenly hit me, I have tried to explain it as below.

" The difference between "one world governance", and a one world orthodoxy for world governments to tax their peoples,
is the use by governments the world over of AGW pseudo-science to tax their peoples, ie reality...

Isn't this the real purpose of Kyoto type agreements, pushed (mostly) by the EU,
"justified" by the very "science" the EU has funded.
Supported very vociferously by the very protest groups (FoE, and WWF) the EU has also heavily financially supported.
In short, AGW is a belief system governments the world over can tax their peoples with,
that was provided to the world governments by the EU, via the UN and IPCC.
AGW is globally politically beneficial pseudo-science, created by EU funding,
the sole aim of which is to tax the worlds peoples for the benefit of politicians and bureaucrats the world over, for as long as the people believe.

Pay a scientist (or a small kabal of such) enough and he / she (or the kabal) will prove whatever you want them to prove, regardless of the real truth of the matter - springs to mind.
The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed
(and hence clamorous to be led to safety)
by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken.  

The hobgoblins have to be imaginary so that
"they" can offer their solutions, not THE solutions.
I agree iwth you, Derek. But tax for what purpose? The purpose is to re-distribute wealth from economically advanced countries to economically backward countries - after all, it is only "fair". In the process, they will make us all poor and economically backward. We have that attempt going on in the US now with Obama and his regime of far left czars, cabinet members, and other appointees. The endless rant from the Obama administration is to tax the wealthy to help the poor. As Europe comes out of their Socialist stupor, the US is well on its way to Socialism, unwilling to read the economic tea leaves or the current news from Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc.

As I have referenced in another post on this site, AGW is also, and probably originally, about population control. The radical environmentalists have always viewed industrialization and the prosperity it brings as harmful to the planet. Therefore, ratchet down industrialization by limiting energy consumption ( another goal of Obama and the IPCC), force "green-ergy" down the throats of developing nations with money from the wealthy nations ( although many now appear quite bankrupt- including the US) so they can never really industrialize, and you will also control population.

The article to which I refer that links AGW to population control is here:

The mention of Margaret Mead in the link ajmplanner posted reminded me we have covered this topic before.

Lots of interesting links down the left hand side, see:


My personal guess is population control by starvation will lead to global war which will achieve the same end. Sad
Environmentalism is based on lies and the lies reflect an agenda that regards humanity as the enemy of the Earth. - Alan Caruba

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