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CO2 and Temperature
Hello members and guests,

I am going to post a few links that shows charts,for the purpose of putting climate alarmists on the spot.I have seen a beautiful meltdown over it recently on the part of a climate alarmist at a blog.I had a grand time making a certain CO2 delusional man fall apart and accuse me of making a strawman comment.

We have been told for years by many AGW believers/Alarmists/Warmist fanatics,that for thousands of years CO2 was stable and around the 280 ppmv level.

By viewing this first chart you can see that would easily prove that CO2 changes (lack of it in this case) does not drive climate changes.Something else is doing it and that is obvious by viewing the chart.

As you can see that there have been NINE distinct warming or cooling trends that stands out in the data.But the CO2 stayed right around the 280 ppmv level in all that time.


This chart below also based on Greenland Ice cores,shows that the current warming trend since the 1850's is nothing out of the ordinary.It is still presently cooler than most of the last 10,000 years.


The next chart shows historical CO2 levels against the current CO2 levels

See that CO2 levels of today is right at the bottom of the charts and only one other time period that low previously was nearly 300 million years ago.Surely by now you are understanding just how irrelevant CO2 is as a temperature driver.

We are presently only a little over 100 ppmv above the no growth level for sustained plant growth.We live in an IMPOVERISHED CO2 world! About 95% of the time in last 600 million years it was much higher than now and yet at least three major ice age epochs manage to show up despite much higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere than now.


Last chart below is to show the temperature AND CO2 levels on the same chart.It is obvious that CO2 is NOT driving the climate system.


This chart shows that at the bottom of the world in Antarctica,there is also no connection between CO2 and temperature changes.

The continued selling of CO2 as a powerful climate driver in spite of the abundant contrary evidence and the utter failure of the few predictions based on the CO2 based warm forcing beliefs.Should have already made it clear that the AHW hypothesis is a failure.
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