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William Astley's comment

Quote:Hello. Sure can. I am working a series of articles which I will present when there is significant cooling. This is a 10,000 meter explanation of a couple of key components.

There is a physical reason for everything that has happened in the paleo record. Just as rocks do not jump up hill the earth’s climate does not jump or tip from one state to another. There is a massive forcing function that caused past climate changes.

The glacial/interglacial cycle is not caused by orbital changes in solar insolation at 65N. A single simple observation to support that assertion is the fact that the Younger Dryas abrupt climate change which occurred 11,900 years ago, at which time the planet went from interglacial warm to glacial cold with 70% of the cooling occurring in less than a decade and the cold period remaining for 1200 years, occurred at a time when solar insolation at 65N was maximum. Solar insolation at 65N is currently the same as it was during the coldest period of the last glacial period.

The Younger Dryas abrupt cooling was not caused by an interruption to the North Atlantic drift current and has not caused by a comet impact (A comet impact would cool the planet for a few years not a decade. The pattern of the Younger Dryas burn marks could not possibly be caused by a single comet or a break up a single comet). The cooling due to a complete stoppage of the the Atlantic drift current is a factor of 7 too small to explain the Younger Dryas cooling. Regardless there is recent evidence that there is no discrete deep water return current to interrupt. There was a massive melt pulse of fresh water into the Atlantic 1000 years before the Younger Dryas and absolutely no evidence of cooling. There are piles of urban myths hanging around climate science, as there is no cause to observed cycle climate change and the glacial/interglacial cycle.

There have been 22 glacial/interglacial cycles. Interglacial periods end abruptly not gradually. Those are facts, not theories.

The sun is the cause of the past and recent climate change. If that assertion is correct the sun is significantly different than the standard model. There are also 200 astronomical paradoxes and anomalies that are directly related to how the sun is different than a simple large fusion engine and how the sun caused what has happened in the past.

An observational hint that the sun is different than a simple fusion engine, is the fact that coronal holes’ rotational speed does not change with solar latitude. The solar surface plasma high latitude rotational speed is roughly 40% less than the rotational speed of the solar equator. Sunspots float on top of the solar plasma and hence rotate at the same speed as the plasma.

The coronal holes are caused by high speed protons that are emitted from regions deep within the sun. There is now obvious observational evidence that something has changed deep within the sun as there are patches appearing in the coronal holes which indicates that what was causing the high speed proton emission has been interrupted. The coronal holes had started to weaken and as they weakened they started to cover vast regions of the sun (up to roughly 25% of the solar surface region in the earth direction) prior to the occurrence of patches in the coronal holes.
For different latitude zones between 40◦ north and 40◦ south, we compute rotation rates and find that, irrespective of their area, the number of days observed on the solar disk, and their latitudes, CHs rotate rigidly. Combined for all the latitude zones, we also find that CHs rotate rigidly during their evolution history. In addition, for all latitude zones, CHs follow a rigid body rotation law during their first appearance. Interestingly, the average first rotation rate (∼438 nHz) of CHs, computed from their first appearance on the solar disk, matches the rotation rate of the solar interior only below the tachocline.”

The peculiar solar cycle 24 – where do we stand?

The cooling will be most sever over the ocean as there are less cloud forming micro particles over the ocean and a significant portion of the cooling is due to increased evaporation caused by an increase in wind speed. The paleo record shows past cooling in specific Atlantic ocean regions of up 10C. There is a tenfold increase in dust particles deposited on the Greenland ice sheet during the abrupt cold periods which is caused by the increased jet speed. The GCR cooling is greatest in the 40 degree to 60 degree latitude region due to orientation of the geomagnetic field as explained by Svensmark in his book.

The solar cycle has been interrupted which is different than a slowdown in the solar cycle.

There are cycles of warming and cooling in the paleo record which correlate with past solar cycle changes. Roughly every 6000 to 8000 year, the warming cycle is followed by an abrupt cooling phase when the solar cycle restarts.

Greenland Ice Sheet Temperatures Last 100,000 years
There are abrupt geomagnetic field changes that correlate with both the solar cycle changes and the abrupt climate changes. What is missing is the mechanism(s) that causes the changes and explains the correlation.

The geomagnetic field intensity is currently dropping at 5%/decade (starting in the late 1990s, the field intensity was previously dropping at 5%/century) which is ten time faster than a core based change is theoretically capable of causing. (A back emf is generated which resists core based changes). There is no physical reason why there would suddenly in the 1990s be a massive movement of liquid in the core to cause the sudden drop in the geomagnetic field and regardless even if there were a massive movement of liquid in the core of the earth, the back emf would limit the speed of the field change.

This NOVA documentary interviews some of the key geomagnetic field scientists that discuss the unexplained current sudden change in the geomagnetic field.
The geomagnetic specialists note in the above NOVA documentary that it appears possible based on the fact that the North pole drift velocity increased by a factor of ten, from 15 km/yr to 55 km/yr starting in the mid 1990s (the abrupt change to north magnetic pole drift velocity was discussed in a previous NOVA documentary which also discussed the discovery of archeomagnetic jerks – sudden changes in the tilt of the geomagnetic field of 10 to 15 degrees – by analyzing ancient fired floor tiles) and the geomagnetic field intensity drop has increased by a factor of ten from 5% per century which it had been dropping at for the last 200 years or so, to 5% per decade (this is the finding of the European SWARM satellite analysis which shows that the drop is over a large region of the earth, concentrated over the North and South America continents) also starting sometime in the 1990′s that a geomagnetic excursion appears to be starting which may lead to a geomagnetic reversal.

The European’s launched a set of three satellites to which provide laboratory measurement accuracy of the entire geomagnetic field intensity and orientation. The data from the SWARM set of satellites confirmed the geomagnetic field intensity is dropping at 5% per decade.
“Are there connections between the Earth’s magnetic field and climate? Vincent Courtillot, Yves Gallet, Jean-Louis Le Mouël,Frédéric Fluteau, Agnès Genevey
We review evidence for correlations which could suggest such (causal or non-causal) connections at various time scales (recent secular variation approx 10–100 yr, historical and archeomagnetic change appox. 100–5000 yr, and excursions and reversals approx. 10^3–10^6 yr), and attempt to suggest mechanisms. Evidence for correlations, which invoke Milankovic forcing in the core, either directly or through changes in ice distribution and moments of inertia of the Earth, is still tenuous. Correlation between decadal changes in amplitude of geomagnetic variations of external origin, solar irradiance and global temperature is stronger. It suggests that solar irradiance could have been a major forcing function of climate until the mid-1980s, when “anomalous” warming becomes apparent. The most intriguing feature may be the recently proposed archeomagnetic jerks, i.e. fairly abrupt (approx. 100 yr long) geomagnetic field variations found at irregular intervals over the past few millennia, using the archeological record from Europe to the Middle East. These seem to correlate with significant climatic events in the eastern North Atlantic region. A proposed mechanism involves variations in the geometry of the geomagnetic field (f.i. tilt of the dipole to lower latitudes), resulting in enhanced cosmic-ray induced nucleation of clouds. No forcing factor, be it changes in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere or changes in cosmic ray flux modulated by solar activity and geomagnetism, or possibly other factors, can at present be neglected or shown to be the overwhelming single driver of climate change in past centuries. Intensive data acquisition is required to further probe indications that the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic fields may have significant bearing on climate change at certain time scales.”
It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor must preside at our assemblies.

–William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1952

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