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co2islife's comment

“Above else, their analysis suggests, the problems persist because the quest for “statistical significance” is mindless. “Determining significance has become a surrogate for good research,” Gigerenzer and Marewski write in the February issue of Journal of Management. Among multiple scientific communities, “statistical significance” has become an idol, worshiped as the path to truth. “Advocated as the only game in town, it is practiced in a compulsive, mechanical way — without judging whether it makes sense or not.””

Climate “Science” has neither the statistical support, nor does it make sense. Climate “science” fails on both fronts.

1) Statistical analysis of every ice core I’ve looked at covering the Holocene shows that a) we are well below the temperature peak of the past 15k years and b) there is absolutely nothing statistically significant about the temperature variation over the past 50 and 150 years.

2) Geologic record covering 600 million years demonstrates that atmospheric CO2 was as high as 7,000 PPM, and we never had run away global temperatures, in fact temperatures never got above 22 degree c for a sustained period of time. We fell into an ice age when CO2 was 4,000 PPM.

3) Mother Nature isn’t stupid, Earth and life has survived billions of years. The absorption band of CO2 is centered around 15 microns IR, that is consistent with a black body of -80 degree C. Only a small fraction of the radiation at 10 microns IR (The Average Earth Temp) is absorbed by CO2, and as it warms, the peak shifts to the left, and CO2 absorbs even less of the radiation. Unless my eyes deceive me, it looks like CO2 doesn’t even absorb IR at 10 Microns.

[Image: spectra.png]

[Image: 595px-atmospheric_transmission.png]

BTW, if CO2 doesn’t absorb at 10 Microns how in the hell can it be the cause of warming? CO2 would have to be absorbing radiation hotter than the earth to warm it. The more I look into this “science” the more nonsensical it becomes.

It looks like CO2 stops absorbing at 13 microns.

13 Microns is consistent with a black body of -50 degree C.

This “science” is pure garbage. How can radiation IR at -50 Degree C warm the globe? What a joke.
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