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The black body conundrum...
The black body conundrum...

OK, so we all know a black body is an imaginary "theorem", and that it is constructed of unphysical assumptions. YET, black body based explanations and assumptions are used to explain grey body reality????

Surely THE POINT is that even IF black body can be used (or construed) to get the same or similar answers to that which we observe in reality, then the explanation in reality MUST BE for completely different reasons to the black body based, partly or wholly, explanation?

THEREFORE anything based wholly or partly on black body explanations or assumptions is known to be false. Such can not, and can not be used to explain grey body reality, because it is made up of unphysical assumptions and explanations.

The greenhouse effect "theory", the bare earth model, and the notion earth's surface is 33C warmer than it would otherwise be, because of the presence of an atmosphere are all such partly or wholly black body based explanations, YET so many believe them to be true for grey body reality????
The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed
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