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Where Lies the Younger Dryas Smoking Gun?

Quote:William Astley says:
May 24, 2013 at 9:41 am

In reply to:
leftturnandre says:
May 24, 2013 at 3:19 am
@William Astley
William, The Gothenburg geomagnetic flip was an artifac and has never been reproduced. You won’t find any contemporary publication referring to it. There has never been retractions or refutals, but It’s not there, anywhere.

See the contemporary reference below to the Gothenburg geomagnetic anomaly.
There is evidence of a very large increase in C14 that correlates with the Younger Dryas cooling event. There are papers that assert a reduction in ocean circulation cannot result in an increase in C14 of the magnitude observed.

I believe is other evidence to support the existence of the Gothenburg geomagnetic excursion.
The discovery of cyclic and rapid changes to the geomagnetic field is recent. What is missing is a mechanism that explains what causes the geomagnetic excursions. One hypothesis proposed is that growth or change of the ice sheets causes results in a change to the earth’s rotational speed which in turn causes the geomagnetic excursion.

There is a question in terms of ice sheet growth what is the dog and what is the tail. If there is an external forcing function that can cause an abrupt change in the geomagnetic field then the geomagnetic excursion causes the cooling and the ice sheet growth. In the last 10 years there has been the discovery of archeomagentic jerks (spacing roughly 400 years) at which time the geomagnetic field orientation changes abruptly by 10 to 15 degrees. Planetary temperature changes correlate with these changes. The acheomagnetic jerks are captured in fired pottery. The French have thousands upon thousands of pieces of pottery that they have examined.

A geomagnetic excursion is capable (assuming Svensmark’s mechanism is real) of cooling the planet for 1300 years. As noted above a meteoroid or comet impact is not. There still needs to a physical explanation for the 18, plus 2200C burn marks.
The Gothenburg geomagnetic excursion as a chronological marker for the Allerød interstadial in the Central Russian Upland

Estimates for the increase in Delta 14C at the start of the YD all demonstrate a strong and rapid rise: 40-70%/% within 300 years (Goslar et al., 1995), 30-60% in 70 years (BjoK rck et al., 1996), 50} 80&in 200 years (Hughen et al., 1998) and 70& in 200 years (Hajdas et al., 1998). This change is apparently the largest increase of atmospheric 14C known from late glacial and Holocene records (Goslar et al., 1995). Hajdas et al. (1998) used this sharp increase of atmospheric 14C at the onset of the YD as a tool for time correlation between sites.
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