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The Death Blow To Anthropogenic Global Warming
Back in 2008 I published an article which is beginning to look prescient.

To read it please click on the attachment to this post.

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.docx   The Death Blow to Anthropogenic Global Warming by Stephen Wilde.docx (Size: 167.62 KB / Downloads: 256)
The chart in the attachment drives home the point that TSI changes are indeed significant in the long term and a major cause of the warming trend as clearly seen in the chart.

There are science papers recently published that say the TSI numbers in recent years are among the highest in thousands of years thus not surprising that there is a two century warming trend ongoing that might be coming to an end as the sun has dropped in its output recently but it will take time for the planet to shed the accumulated energy from the oceans from recent decades of high TSI.

Warmists have been misleading in their claims of a "constant" TSI of recent decades as proof it has little effect on the planets temperature when the chart shows a very different story.
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