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What Was Life Like In The Little Ice Age? – Part I
Not a Whole Lot of People Know That

November 1,2011


There is an interesting book out called “The Little Ice Age” which describes life during those times. The author, Brian Fagan, is a Professor of Archaeology and I should add that it is clear from his book that he is a firm believer in AGW. It contains a good deal of useful information. (Everything that follows is based on the book).

Medieval Warming Period

A look back to the Medieval Warming Period offers an insight into how things changed in the following centuries. Most people are aware that the Vikings colonised and farmed parts of Greenland in ways that are still to this day not possible. In Europe summer temperatures were between 0.7C and 1.0C warmer than 20th Century averages. Central European summers were even warmer, as much as 1.4C warmer than now. During the height of the Warm Period, so many lords quaffed prime English wines that the French tried to negotiate trade agreements to exclude them from the Continent.

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