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Environmental Motives - UN links
Hi all,
I'm still fairly new here but offered to make a compilation of links relating to the United Nations and their activities relating to the environment and put them in pdf format.
As many people have worked out the United Nations is an all encompassing international body that is unelected yet seem to have the power to dictate policy to many countries worldwide.
IMHO this behaviour is highly suspicious at best and hopefully anyone on this website forum who come across interesting information that relates to the UN and their environmental motives please post the information here so I can add it to the list.
I know that there are many crossovers within the subject of the environment, climate, politics and the illogical notion of man made global warming but hopefully some of the information might be of use.

Not wanting to make this a lengthy post - just to let everyone know that I am not an expert in such matters but hope to glean useful information when it is encountered.

.pdf   environmental motives.pdf (Size: 170.87 KB / Downloads: 332)

Environmental Motives - All the Links so far...
The above link references the UN document below - The UN site - what is UN agenda 21
A UN Handbook for World Domination: Agenda 21
Lord Christopher Monckton - Agenda 21 and Environmental Marxism.mp4
WWF founded on oil money.
George Carlin On Global Warming Scam
Is Greenland MELTING

The story of Agenda 21 - link below

More links to Agenda 21 information & videos
This page contains a number of PDF downloads specific to the US including relevant executive orders.
Agenda 21 links at the bottom of the web page. more on Anna L Strong

The connection between Prince Charles and Sustainable Development also keeps cropping up.
Scroll down to The euro-debate: a miasma of ignorance

.pdf   Environmental_motives_links1.pdf (Size: 22.02 KB / Downloads: 369)


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