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A nation still drawing 18,000MW in it’s sleep can’t go solar…
A nice guest post here to read

Jo Nova

May 20,2012

Guest post by Anton Lang



There’s a message in these two diagrams that underlies every decision about national energy.

[Image: eastern-australia-power-consumption-summer.gif]

These two diagrams are the most misunderstood images in the whole debate — the Load Curves for actual power consumption. These two shown here are for the whole of eastern Australia (including Tasmania and South Australia).

The top diagram shows typical consumption for a day in mid summer (Monday 30th January 2012) and the second is for a typical mid winter day (Friday 22nd July 2011). (Usually peak winter consumption is a bit higher).

Consumption dips at 3AM to 4 AM on both diagrams to 18,000MW. So even when asleep, eastern Australia is consumes 18,000MW of power, basically 60% to 65% of every Watt of power that could be generated (generation capacity is about equal to the peak load).

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