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More "ClimageGate"???
Possibly, "ClimateGate2" (only counting file releases) -

a new, approximately 173MB zipped file has been made available on a number of "climate" sites in their various most recent (at the time) active thread:

and more.

File, at least for a while, is here:

If authentic, hold on for another bumpy ride.
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but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!

The linked server appears to be done. Has anyone got a copy that they can put on a server please? Possibly put it on a torrent?
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Yipee!!! I had so much fun with the last batch!!Big Grin
Climategate2 torrent link:
Climategate2 download:

Now all we need is the 'pass-phrase' for the archive. Does anyone know it?
"Correlation is NOT Causation"

I have made a copy of this thread.It is now at The Gazebo forum


This is to allow members to post there freely,without moderation.

Here it is a closed forum. Only Moderators can post here.It is for developing the archive.

If you have a link you want posted here.Please PM a mod about it.


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Hi!! Here we go again Smile

A friend blogger in Spain has transformed the archives into pdfs that are easier to read; maybe you find them useful:

Strogoff - please post this in the "More Climategate ???" thread in the "Gazebo" section, h e r e .

Thanks - JW
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