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Is S-B law misused within GH, and AGW?
Hello All,
The answer is yes, I will expand upon this later, but the below are useful to consider this issue, because,
the plots show that the same model is used, as well as the same starting point is used in both GH and AGW.
Therein lies the misuse of S-B law, namely P/4.

[Image: Slide3-1.jpg]

[Image: Slide4-1.jpg]

I also have little doubt we will have to revisit this thread and the, as of yet, unsettled issues it raised.
What is a Watt???

I am working on a simile to illustrate what I want to show here, it will be posted ASAP.
Hello All,
Again I am happy to be able to express my thanks to Joe Postma for kindly allowing me to use the following quote, specifically on this thread.

Joe explains the misuse of the S-B Law (I have frequently referred to as the P equation) within
the failed GH hypothesis, and K&T type plots, AND, therefore also AGW.

" A Watt is a Joule per SECOND. In ONE second, in ONE square meter, you get 1370 Joules from the Sun.

In every second that passes by, you get ANOTHER 1370 Joules provided by the Sun (in a m^2).

You get 1370 Joules EVERY SECOND.
In 24 hours, you get 1370*24*60*60 = 118.4 Million Joules, in a sq. m.

It is an INSTANTANEOUS flux (“instantaneous” being measured over one-second in this case).
The S-B equation deals ONLY with instantaneous fluxes- i.e. W/m2 or J/s/m2.

What they try to do with the S-B equation is to claim that the INPUT is -18C (via division by 4);
but this is NOT what the S-B equation is capable of doing.
It (S-B law) deals ONLY with instantaneous fluxes and related temperatures…

Therefore the instantaneous input is +121C at maximum and +30C on average for the hemisphere.
Large size my emphasis.

This, to my mind, answers the question/s I was trying to raise in the What is a Watt?? thread with Richard T Fowler,
that was never really discussed, nor answered.
Specifically, I repeatedly tried to raise the question what is a W/m2 as used in the K&T global energy budgets.
It is, after all is said and done, an energy flow in J/s/m2.
This is because, as the Joe Postma quote above has explained,
S-B Law is not capable of dealing with anything else other than instant fluxes and related temperatures.

" Therefore the instantaneous input is +121C at maximum"
is also plainly illustrated by real world observations, as has been shown by the
Milford Haven weather thread.
Thank you Richard111.

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