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The 2PP model approach can not be applied to earth.
Hello All,
I will expand upon this later, and "correct" the obvious misconception within this plot.

[Image: Slide1-1.jpg]

This plot should also help explain a little, which I would title,
2PP or not 2PP.
[Image: Slide1b.jpg]

Yet, it contains the same misconception, or rather misrepresentation, in the first plot, that also needs to be corrected.

The misconception I have unintentionally originally included is that the sun has
a surface and an atmosphere.
Oooops..... Blush

The sun (being a star) has a photosphere,
which is a completely different thing altogether to
a surface and an atmosphere that planet earth has.
2PP or not 2PP one might well say.

Thank you to Joe Postma for kindly allowing me to use these quotes -
" because a star IS isotropic with latitude and longitude, and its physical properties change monotonically with depth "

" at any one specific radial depth in the photosphere,
the same physical conditions (temperature, pressure, composition) will be found at any latitude and longitude.
This is why you can model it as a plane parallel atmosphere…
because the only change of the physical parameters is with depth - there is no change with anything else.
So therefore each “depth” is its own “plane” and has unique physical properties
– it is a physically valid transformation of the coordinate system (sphere to plane).

The same can not be said of earth obviously.

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