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Defkalion Announces Energy Catalyzer Press Conference
Defkalion Announces Energy Catalyzer Press Conference

Defkalion Green Technologies, who has world rights (minus Americas and military) to sell, distribute, and license Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), recently sent out invitations to certain individuals to attend a press conference about the technology on June 23 in Greece.

announcement link
“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”.J Robert Oppenheimer.
THAT IS INCREDIBLE! Good post Scpg! Or an elaborate hoax!

In fact I'm finding it difficult to believe that it is true and not just some scam to rip off the EU tax payer by creaming off more "green" subsidies.

True, Copper only has an atomic number of 1 greater than that of Nickel, BUT the aromic weight of Copper65 is 5 greater than that of Nickel and Copper 63, 3 greater than Ni. Unless a lower weight isotope of Copper is being made - which are
all unstable and therefore highly radioactive!

How for instance does the process get 3 or 5 protons/neutrons into the nucleus of a Nickel atom to make copper at relatively low temperatures and pressures? This process in nature requires the power- the heat and pressure of an exploding star- a supernova to make higher elements. This sounds like some alchemist dream of making Gold from base metals combined with a perpetual motion machine!

Others have their doubts too:-

On the other hand, if it does work, I want one to power my house!!! A 10KW cold fusion generator would do very nicely indeed for each home and spell the end of the horrible wind farms and inefficient solar.

However, look here-

Others have thought along the same lines as me and looked at the isotope patterns and found some odd things.

"The first is that neither the nickel nor the produced copper has an unusual isotope mix. This is very unexpected as the only simple equations where nickel + hydrogen produce copper involve nickel isotopes 62 and 64. If the e-cat is converting nickel to stable copper, it should be getting depleted of these isotopes."


"The second is that a lot of money is flying around. It appears that the American company has provided Rossi with “an undisclosed sum”. (See the news feed). Further the Greek government has invested or promised 200 million euros to build a Greek plan. That’s a lot of money to commit fraud for, and it is inconsistent with statements that Rossi has made."

Very odd!:-

"The fact that Nickel has 28 protons makes the nucleus extra stable and we have many nickel isotopes that are stable, they do not undergo radioactive decay. The stable nickel isotopes are Ni-58 (68.1%), Ni-60 (26.2%), Ni-61 (1.1%), Ni-62 (3.6%), Ni-64 (0.9%). In the trip report which is available on the Ny Teknik website, we read that in the sample that Rossi brought with him to Uppsala there are 10% copper by isotopic distribution 70/30. Copper has two stable isotopes, Cu-63 and Cu-65, and these two isotopes can be formed from nickel if the hydrogen nucleus, which has the mass unit 1, merged with the Ni-62 and Ni-64. If the original sample is natural nickel, then Ni-62 and Ni-64 together are 4.5% of the sample, and if all these nickel isotopes are converted to copper, you get only 4.5% copper and not 10% as measured. If all the Ni-62 and Ni-64 is converted to copper the isotope ratio would be 80/20 which is close to the natural ratio 70/30.
To make stable Cu-63 from stable Ni-58 the following must happen. Ni-58 picks up a hydrogen nucleus to form Cu-59 which decays to Ni-59, which in turn picks up a hydrogen nucleus to form Cu-60 which decays to Ni-60, which in turn picks up a hydrogen nucleus to form Cu 61 which decays to Ni-61, which in turn picks up a hydrogen nucleus to form Cu-62 which decays to Ni-62, which in turn picks up a hydrogen nucleus to form Cu-63 which is stable. If this reaction chain would be true even though none of the reactions that I mention can be made with the knowledge we have today, then the isotopic distribution Cu-63/Cu-65 must be greater than 80/20, probably closer to 99/01. Right now, my conclusion is that the isotope distribution measured and the fact that the sample had 10% copper indicate that it is contaminated with natural copper. Of course I am willing to change my opinion if you can prove me wrong."

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