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The Solar Bubble’s Growth Only Worsens the Inevitable Burst
Global Warming

June 17, 2011

by William Yeatman


Earlier this week at Climate Progress, an energy and environment site run by the liberal Center for American Progress, a blogger made a sensational claim about the growth of the American solar industry. Stephen Lacey wrote,

“With roughly 93,500 direct and indirect jobs, the American solar industry now employs about 9,200 more workers than the U.S. steel production sector, according to 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

However, in making this comparison, the author omitted mention of the fundamental difference between these two sectors: The steel industry exists because people want to buy steel, while the solar industry exists only by the grace of favorable politics. That is, without taxpayer giveaways and Soviet-style production quotas, there would be no solar industry in America. The same is not true for the steel sector.

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