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The Shale gas revolution.
Hi All,
Over at Donna Laframboise's nofrakkingconsensus blog I spotted this post.

Blindspots at the IPCC

" the IPCC has adopted a moralistic view of the world. There is “good” energy (renewables) and “bad” energy (non-renewables). It only wants to talk about the first category "

" The fact that the IPCC has just written a 1,000-page report that concentrates on energy sources that currently supply the world with only 13% of its power demonstrates the blinkered nature of its analysis.

It also demonstrates that, rather than being pragmatic, the people at the heart of the IPCC are idealistic. They don’t merely want to solve a particular problem (too much CO2 in the atmosphere), they want to redesign the entire world. Even though nuclear power would result in significantly fewer emissions, they consider it unacceptable because it doesn’t fit into their far larger, far more grandiose fantasy of a world powered only by energy sources they personally happen to approve of.

" Last week the UK-based Global Warming Policy Foundation released a 36-page report titled The Shale Gas Shock. Written by respected science writer Matt Ridley, with a foreword by eminent physicist Freeman Dyson, the report concludes that replacing coal with shale gas would dramatically reduce not only CO2 emissions, but bona fide pollutants as well. As Ridley writes:

…unlike burnt coal, burnt shale gas includes no sulphur dioxides, no mercury, and fewer nitrogen oxides.

Ridley reports that natural gas leads to fewer human fatalities than does coal mining, does far less damage to the natural world (no tunneling or mountaintop removal is required), and is significantly friendlier to wildlife than industrial wind installations.

" So how many times do you suppose the term shale gas comes up in the 26-page summary of the IPCC’s new 1,000-page report? That’s right – not even once. "

Shale gas shock pdf attached to this post.

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Will there be a Great Gas Give-away?

“... The two key shale techniques of [hydraulic] fracturing combined with horizontal drilling are now releasing undreamt of oil riches. With limited growth potential and surging supply in U.S. markets there are only two possibilities for gas - flaring or giving it away ...”
"Correlation is NOT Causation"

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