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A plan to soundly defeat climate alarmism and promote rational energy policy
Hi All,
I received this today because I signed the Manhattan declaration
whilst attending the Heartland New York 2008 Climate Change conference.
On this page.

Dear Derek,

Re: A plan to soundly defeat climate alarmism and promote rational energy policy

As an endorser of our Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change, I think the following may interest you.

It is now clear that a new strategy is needed to finally win the climate debate and end years of uncertainty about climate and energy policy.
This new approach must be one that can be easily supported by citizens, mass media and politicians from across the political spectrum.
It must balance the important needs of people suffering today from natural climate variability and extreme weather events with
the real-world limitations of modern science and energy technology.
And it must be promoted by a group that is widely seen as credible and non-partisan,
an ‘honest broker’ that lacks significant vested philosophical and commercial interests.

In our just released Strategic Plan, the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) explains
our uniquely non-partisan, science-based strategy to defeat climate alarmism.
ICSC has expanded its mandate to also oppose attempts by governments to widely replace
conventional power sources with wind turbines and other ineffective and costly alternative energy schemes.

A three-minute video summary of our plan may be seen at the following Web page: .
By scrolling down this Web page, one can view the Strategic Plan Table of Contents
- click on any section heading to go directly to that part of the document.
On April 5th, ICSC issued the following news release summarizing our approach:

For too long the climate and energy debate has been a contest between left and right and those supporting competing energy sources.
This public relations mistake has greatly limited the fraction of the population who are prepared to support a realistic approach to these issues.
Our science-based, non-partisan strategy ‘expands the tent’ so as to attract a far broader range of citizens to climate and energy realism.

ICSC has been a successful prototype, a proof of concept demonstrating what can be accomplished by taking
a truly international, non-partisan and scientifically-sound approach to countering the climate alarm.
It is now time to expand our programs so that they play a more prominent role on the world stage.
To do this, ICSC needs the financial resources to contest
unrealistic climate and alternative energy campaigners in many jurisdictions and in many media forums.
We ask that you consider making a confidential contribution to helping us grow this important program.
Please see the PS to this e-mail for information about how to donate to ICSC.

Feel free to distribute this e-mail as broadly as you like,
even uploading to discussion groups and blogs across the Web so that
it is seen by as many people as possible.

We CAN win the fight for rational climate and energy policy. But
a new, more inclusive approach is urgently needed.
Help ICSC establish this strategy across the world!


Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (Mech.)
Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
P.O. Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 4E2

PS: To make a confidential contribution to ICSC,
please send a cheque made out to
International Climate Science Coalition to:

Tom Harris, Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition
P.O. Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 4E2

Alternatively, you may wish to contribute on line by
clicking on the gold “Donate” button in the grey band at the top of any page on our Web site at:

All contributions are acknowledged immediately upon receipt.

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