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Deep Carbon Observatory
You may find some interesting info on this site:

It is in the early stages of gathering information but hopefully given time and a shield from eco-warriors, it could be a worthwhile resource.

The white paper here gives an indication of how sparse knowledge is:

Another section:

Quote:Carbon from the Sea Floor

An editorial and two articles in the January 2011 issue of Nature Geoscience focus on varied forms of deep-sea carbon cycling. The editorial by Jean Dixon, German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ-Potsdam), discusses how scientific exploration of the sea floor and its role as a source of carbon to the overlying ocean is necessary to understand the global carbon budget.

The first article, Carbon Cycle at Depth, by Katrina Edwards, USC, explains how isotopic evidence indicates that a deep biosphere of microbes both scrubs ocean fluids of organic matter and produces new, yet old, organic carbon in situ. The second article, Carbon Below the Sea Floor, by Dave Goldberg, LDEO, explores how basalt sills at young seafloor spreading centers may heat overlying sediments inducing natural carbon release while basalt flows elsewhere may serve to sequester anthropogenic carbon.

Unfortunately, much of the in-depth material needs payment.
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