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Celestial fireworks challenge for AGW. Piers Corbyn.
Hi All,
At last Piers Corbyn is being a little more forthcoming, but
not subtle.
Celestial Fireworks Feb18/19 challenge
warmist Meteorology World-wide.

Piers Corbyn.
" The dramatic Auroras in polar regions North & South – and visible at lower latitudes – on Feb 18/19th were
driven by tremendous solar explosions starting with the magnificent X2-flare (largest for 4 yrs) of 15 Feb.

At the same solar drivers gave WeatherAction’s long range predicted extreme weather events in Australia,
USA and UK and confirmation of WeatherAction’s Top Red Warning that standard meteorology models
would underestimate events in various ways Feb18-19th.

" In USA AccuWeather report A foot of snow to wallop midwest confirmed WeatherAction’s detailed warning
(issued 6 Feb) for heavy snow in the wake of a deep low 18/19 Feb

" In UK & Ireland heavy drifting snow for Scotland (Brill pics Cairngorms ) & N England
was confirmed in the time period predicted + ~1 day and is being followed later by a mild blast with strong winds in
West as predicted.

" Australia TC Atu 18 Feb “Great fit” in time & region
The Auroral Oval S Hemisphere Feb 18th 06:37 UT Activity Level 8

“CO2 Global Warmism is the
‘Mubarak regime’ of science
and must be destroyed”.

WTG Piers.

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Hi All,
I think it worthwhile attaching Piers Corbyn's pdfs every so often to this thread.

Excerpt from attachment to this post.
“Extreme weather and major earthquakes in the same family”, says Piers
Piers Corbyn said “These events were preceded by Solar flare action on the Sun and special Sun-earth magnetic links.
We are very pleased with this result which, together with further tornado events on 26-27th April, brings total confirmation (7/7) of
our extreme events forecasted periods for the USA in April and a complete (3/3) success rate for
our major earthquake risk trial forecasts since they began in March..
These results further confirm our finding that extreme weather events and
Earthquakes are in the same family*
- and we can predict both.
We will press on with advancing forecasting science for both.

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.pdf   WAnews11No7+26.4.11.pdf (Size: 80.96 KB / Downloads: 309)

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