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Dereks (for sharing) pdf repository
Big Grin 
Hi All,
Joe Olsen sent me the attached pdfs, and quite simply I think they need sharing without further ado.

Please read and share as widely as possible, as Joe Olsen said himself,
"the world needs this information".

Many more articles of Joe Olsen's can be found at,,%20PE/

Attached Files
.pdf   101-omgmaximum-co2-will-warm-earth-for-20-milliseconds Jo Olsen.pdf (Size: 349.8 KB / Downloads: 440)
.pdf   Climate Follies Encore Jo Olsen.pdf (Size: 57.21 KB / Downloads: 384)
.pdf   One Pleasant Day in Runnymede Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 56.92 KB / Downloads: 363)
.pdf   Why is the Obvious Still a Mystery Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 60.97 KB / Downloads: 311)
.pdf   GEO NUCLEAR climate forcing Joe Olsen pdf.pdf (Size: 506.58 KB / Downloads: 1,264)
.pdf   It\'s Clouds Illusions That I Recall-1 Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 65.89 KB / Downloads: 301)
.pdf   Recusants Brace for the Copenhagen Smack-Down Joe Olsen..pdf (Size: 59.9 KB / Downloads: 365)
.pdf   Phrenology Newsletter Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 68.66 KB / Downloads: 463)
Hi All,
Joe Postma has sent me these pdfs for sharing.

Attached Files
.pdf   Solar Flux - Joe Postma..pdf (Size: 346.98 KB / Downloads: 701)
.pdf   Understanding the atmosphere effect - Joe Postma..pdf (Size: 593.76 KB / Downloads: 534)
.pdf   Understanding_the_Atmosphere_Effect Joe Postma.pdf (Size: 623.62 KB / Downloads: 846)
.pdf   The Model Atmosphere Joseph E. Postma July 2011.pdf (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 316)
.pdf   Copernicus_Meets_the_Greenhouse_Effect Joseph E. Postma.pdf (Size: 323.15 KB / Downloads: 284)
Hi All,
Hans Jelbring has very kindly agreed that I can post some of his pdfs here for sharing.

Attached Files
.pdf   Jelbring-Reasons for Climate Change.pdf (Size: 44.11 KB / Downloads: 538)
Hi All,
Chuck Wiese.

Attached Files
.pdf   Regarding Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. Chuck Wiese.pdf (Size: 818.76 KB / Downloads: 445)
Hi All,
Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

Attached Files
.pdf   2010_Senate_Minority_Report Marc Morano.pdf (Size: 2.55 MB / Downloads: 3,159)
Hi All,
Nasif Nahle is a physicist of some note in my books.

Attached Files
.pdf   An Observable Fact that all Climatologists Must Know Nasif Nahle.pdf (Size: 668.09 KB / Downloads: 641)
.pdf   Mean free path length of a photon - Nasif Nahle.pdf (Size: 508.12 KB / Downloads: 668)
.pdf   Recycling of Heat in the Atmosphere - Nasif Nahle.pdf (Size: 179.34 KB / Downloads: 458)
.pdf   Technical Analysis on Molar Specific Heat Nasif Nahle.pdf (Size: 214.02 KB / Downloads: 457)
Hi All,
Hans Schreuder has some newer pdfs you may have missed to date, possibly including the attached.

Attached Files
.pdf   GHGs cool the earth Ashworth, Nahle, & Schreuder - March 2011.pdf (Size: 445.28 KB / Downloads: 1,436)
.pdf   Greenhouse_Gases_Cool_Earth UPDATED 10 May 2011.pdf (Size: 340 KB / Downloads: 335)
Hi All,
I will take the liberty of adding some of my own and jointly produced pieces, with various named authors.
Derek Alker

Unfortunately, I have not as yet put together a pdf resulting from the
"We" do NOT measure CO2 - resurrected thread.
Which I should, and I should update / revise several of the attached pdfs here.
That said, the basic thrust of the pdfs is still on the right lines, but so much has moved on, so much.
The pdfs are still reasonable "starters" and some have developed in their own threads considerably.
Do Global Energy budgets make sense. ???

In the end I think connections between several of the pdfs will become apparent, and add up to more of a whole than the constituent parts.
ie mangled physics, the K&T budgets, the climate models, the use of W/m2 in "greenhouse land physics".
Then there is the "shape" of the mangled physics as modelled..
Which would bring us back to the one assumption of AGW you SHOULD understand.

Attached Files
.pps   Greenland Hockey Stick Plot - how to make one the Mann way - Derek..pps (Size: 3.07 MB / Downloads: 332)
.pdf   Working copy The Cause and Effect Forum version 300809.pdf (Size: 990.45 KB / Downloads: 412)
.pdf   working copy - The one assumption of the AGW .pdf (Size: 1.82 MB / Downloads: 373)
.pdf   Methane Mythology - Joel Kauffman and Derek.pdf (Size: 192.23 KB / Downloads: 335)
.pdf   Do Global Energy budgets make sense Derek March 2010.pdf (Size: 489.91 KB / Downloads: 338)
.pptx   2011 In and Out PP model figures _ Derek.pptx (Size: 165.77 KB / Downloads: 245)
.pdf   In equals Out THE shared mantra and death knell of GH and AGW by Derek Alker Final 2nd version.pdf (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 303)
Hi All,
Anastassia Makarieva of,

I have asked Anastassia for a more layman friendly version of the pdf (also available from here) at the Air vent blog, in Post 7.
The response, in Post 9 appears positive, but to date I am not aware of a "simpler" version.
Anastassia recommends this thread at the Air Vent blog for the time being, in this respect.
If anyone spots such a simpler for the layman version before me, please let me know.

Update - Anastassia has replied in Post 13 of the above linked to thread at the Air Vent,
pdf of interactive comment on, also attached to this post.

Attached Files
.pdf   Where do winds come from - A M Makarieva.pdf (Size: 714.07 KB / Downloads: 363)
.pdf   Interactive comment on Where do winds come from _A_M_Makarieva_et_al.pdf (Size: 377.45 KB / Downloads: 333)
Hi All,

Robert A. Ashworth has kindly given his permission for the following pdf/s to be added to this thread.

Attached Files
.pdf   CFC Destruction of Ozone - Major Cause of Recent Global Warming-GRL Bob Ashworth.pdf (Size: 1.52 MB / Downloads: 477)
.pdf   Physics Essays Helical Travel of Light Robert Ashworth.pdf (Size: 214.21 KB / Downloads: 341)
Hi All,
Joe Olsen Second post.
Please read and share as widely as possible, as Joe Olsen said himself,
"the world needs this information".

Many more articles of Joe Olsen's can be found at,,%20PE/

Attached Files
.pdf   The Missing Geothermal Flux Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 83.07 KB / Downloads: 335)
.pdf   Bothered By Earthfarts Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 99.57 KB / Downloads: 273)
.pdf   Brit Bulldog with Poodle Cut Joe Olsen.pdf (Size: 64.67 KB / Downloads: 440)
Hi All,
Pierre R Latour

A PhD, PE, engineer, need I say more..

Attached Files
.pdf   HP IFF CO2 Thermostat Pierre Latour.pdf (Size: 709.11 KB / Downloads: 411)
Hi All,
A second post for myself, my apologies but I think these are worthy of a second post as such.

Derek Alker - 2

NB - The excel sheet is best understood after reading the following thread.
Home experiment to illustrate the cooling power of latent heat.

Attached Files
.pdf   P divided by 4 - Why it is THE issue that destroys GH and AGW - Derek..pdf (Size: 929.53 KB / Downloads: 249)
.pdf   The_3_forms_of_heat_transfer_Derek_Alker.pdf (Size: 222.48 KB / Downloads: 418)
.xlsx   Derek GWS - Oily mug experiments calm 1 and windy 1 excel sheet.xlsx (Size: 88.04 KB / Downloads: 245)
.xlsx   Derek - Excel sheet calculator, disc, sphere, hemisphere temps 18-12.xlsx (Size: 2.04 MB / Downloads: 234)
The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed
(and hence clamorous to be led to safety)
by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken.  

The hobgoblins have to be imaginary so that
"they" can offer their solutions, not THE solutions.

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