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A Chronological listing of Early Weather Events
Bread and Butter Science

James A Marusek




The first mercury thermometer was invented in 1714 A.D. The barometer was invented in 1643 A.D.This opened up a completely new scientific realm. Weather observations grew into the science of meteorology. One of the early American meteorologists was Charles Peirce. He meticulously recorded temperatures at three set times per day for a span exceeding 50 years. In 1847, his weather data was published in A Meteorological Account of the Weather in Philadelphia from January 1, 1790 to January 1 1847.1 Additionally, this book also contained supplementary chapters that included a chronology of early accounts of abnormal weather observations throughout the world. This weather chronology began over 1,800 years ago. I have combined and organized these accounts in chronological

315 page PDF
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