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What is the greenhouse effect ???
(08-18-2016, 12:13 AM)EricRomm Wrote: In simple words, Greenhouse effect is when the Earth becomes a greenhouse with Sun's UV rays entering through the ruptured Ozone layer.

A greenhouse is a mirrored glasshouse that allows maximum sunlight to enter the room and keep the place warm.
Similarly, the sun's UV rays keep entering the atmosphere, making the climate warm.

The Ozone layer is NOT ruptured since it is still there,continually being created by incoming sunlight striking O2.Most significant depletion occurs at the poles due to weather and lack of solar input.A temporary phenomenon that quickly reestablish itself when the Polar Vortex breaks up and the Solar input comes back.

You make it seem a lot of UV rays reach the planets surface,when in reality very little does. UVA is the only one of the class reaching the surface in any significant amount and that represents only a small portion of the INCOMING Solar energy,while UVB just a dribble reach the surface,UVC NONE reach the surface.

The ozone layer and its effect on ultraviolet light


VISIBLE LIGHT is the dominant incoming solar energy flow reaching the planets surface,how come you left that out?

Here is a simple chart showing the overwhelming dominance of incoming VL reaching the planets surface:

[Image: 800px-Solar_spectrum_en.svg.png]


The chart itself make clear CO2 absorbs very little Incoming IR from the sun.
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